Our Vision


Unseen leaders from every nation, enheartened and serving God, rising up to passionately and powerfully live and multiply God’s apostolic call.


In the years ahead, leaders too many to count – uniquely created, fully known, and deeply loved by God – creating unique ministries to share the good news of Jesus.

Enhearten team members and friends see people with sparks of calling as we work in academia and industry; as we serve among the poor, in churches, and in prisons; as we network with ministries around the world; as we live enheartened lives. 


We see those who are walking in integrity, in humility, in prayer, depending on God, empowering those they lead, living in the power and the joy of the Holy Spirit. 


We widely invite people to join us as we share the mission and vision of Enhearten, and we celebrate the journey as God brings people who find us.


As God connects us with these leaders, we offer the following in service to them:


Calling clarification through Coaching on Calling.  Ten one-on-one sessions with a trained coach, culminating in the development of your personal calling statement.


Personalized support for emerging leaders.  We bring our experience and network in ministry, academia, industry, and on the mission field to pair with your vision.


Prophetic prayer into your calling.  We will seek God with you for the Holy Spirit-led words, pictures, and visions that will deepen your vision and courage.


Ministry friendship as you launch into your next steps.  We love spending time with you in your ministry setting and will come to where you are, anywhere in the world.


Network advocacy in churches and beyond for eyes to see and hearts to join with emerging leaders, for the beautiful multiplication of Jesus’ upside-down Kingdom.


Unseen emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds, in the United States and around the world…


… who in turn live God’s love for the unseen among people of diverse backgrounds, in the United States and around the world…


… served by an Enhearten team of servant leaders and encouragers ready to travel the world to be with them in their ministry context…


… in friendship and partnership with a network of those whose hearts catch on fire with the love of God for the unseen and who see them through the eyes of God.



Anywhere in the U.S. and around the world, along with two special initiatives.


Enhearten Uganda loves, serves, and partners with emerging leaders among the people of Uganda, a beautiful country of survivors and overcomers.


Enhearten Inside loves, visits, and brings hope to emerging leaders in jails and prisons in the United States and around the world.



Our team sees the spark in someone’s eye as she begins to talk about a God-breathed dream, or the passion in someone’s voice as he shares about what could be with God. 


Enhearten exists for people bursting with sparks of calling, with the ability to lead the creation of new missional initiatives, to bring the good news of Jesus to the poor.


Often those with the sparks are unseen leaders – seen by God, but unnoticed by the people who pass by them, often from among the poor, women, and people of color.


Existing ministries frequently serve those who are seen and who recognize their call.  Enhearten exists to love, serve, and champion leaders who often are overlooked.

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Located in Anaheim, CA, USA.


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