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Come to My Window

“My soul longed and even yearned for the courtyards of the Lord; My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God.” ~ Psalm 84:2

I am a big fan of classic novels. They paint such a beautiful vision of what life was like before technology took over. This simplicity is attractive to me and to many others. Today we are bombarded by the thoughts and actions of millions of people and usually it’s first thing in the morning. It makes me long for simpler times when we were focused more on family and community straight out of a Jane Eyre novel.

But what does longing mean when it comes to God and our relationship? Longing has a desperate feeling attached to it. Like something is missing that's meant to be a part of you – like your heart. Wanting to grasp onto something or someone that you know instinctively is where or with whom you belong.

I think we struggle in our sins because our souls know what it’s like to be with God. We’re uncomfortable in our skin from the moment we’re born, crying at the uncomfortableness of our journey along with bright lights and change in temperature. We immediately know that we aren’t home anymore.

In the meantime, take the longing and create the community that you want or need.

I’ve been reading a lot about near death experiences. I had read an article about a neuroscientist who says he had died and returned along with a story to tell. It’s fascinating because the vast majority of these describe a sense of peace, understanding, and love. They don’t want to return. They feel the heavy coat of sin’s armor shed off like a snake sheds its skin. They were left behind with this shiny and smooth soul ready for the next journey straight into Gods arms.

One particular woman said that she took the instances and experiences of love from her life and shared them with God when she got home. It’s kind of like a child excitedly shares something with you that you already saw and with so much pride and joy.

Sometimes I look out of my window at night to stare up at the stars. I envision God looking “down” on me, hyper focused on just my window. I take those times to excitedly share with Him things that have happened or that I pray will happen. It’s not the same as being there but it comforts me. Stopping to pray and look out the window when the world and house is silent offers me that moment of peace and reflection that I don’t seem to allow myself during the day.

We’ve been through so much already in life. We have the ability to make those small changes that will make a difference. Small changes that we can run and share with our Father when we get to this place of peace, joy and love. Ones that bring us pride and delight. In the meantime, take the longing and create the community that you want or need. Use this longing for heaven or for simpler times and make it so just in your own life. Turn off your phone, take long walks, do things silly (I still love to roll down hills and my kids think it’s hilarious). Don’t concern yourself with what another person thinks. It’s a reflection of where they are in their journey and not a reflection of you. Be kind and helpful to yourself, your family, your neighbors, strangers and to our earth. The simplest life is the life that brings you peace in this very unpeaceful world.

About: Sosie Matosian resides in Virginia with her husband, three children and two dogs.  She has her degree in Biblical Studies from University of Northwestern with additional emphasis and certificate in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  She is passionate about sharing her faith with others and brings a personal perspective to the struggles one might face in their journey walking to and with Christ.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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